Natural Hazard Reports: More than Faith and Pixie Dust

By on 5-03-2015 in Hazards

It is the effect of fairy tales – that some houses can nurse something magical beneath the floorboards, that there might be fantastic secrets hidden in the between the cracks in the walls. But there are also the other stories – the ones of ghosts, of the more nefarious sort lurking in the dark spaces that you cannot see. Unfortunately, these stories are only too true – in a more literal sense, but not in the way you might, at first, suspect.

Purchasing a home can be something both thrilling and daunting. It is, after all, the goal of so many Americans today to be able to have a home to call their own. Some people have dreamed and worked for the goal of owning their own four walls their entire lives. That is why it is so important for the house to be properly scrutinized, with only the most fastidious care, in order to make sure that the house is not haunted from something worse than ghosts.

There is appropriate documentation that sellers are legally warranted to give to prospective house buyers and one of them is the natural hazard disclosure reports or NHD reports. These are the reports that tell the hazards that the buyer should be made aware of before purchasing the home. There was an incident of a couple buying a house, for example, without knowing that it was previously foreclosed as it used to be a meth lab. Since the home they purchased was not properly cleared of toxins, the couple then experienced detrimental side-effects to their health.

Other natural hazards that buyers need to be knowledgeable about before purchasing a home are such things like: is the area susceptible to forest fires or flooding? Is the home structurally sound enough to withstand heavy storms and earthquakes? These are important questions that need to be taken account before purchasing a home in order to make sure that your investment is not wasted. Faith in the façade can only go so far.

A lot of the stories are true, after all – even the ones that you wish weren’t. You can make sure yours gets a happy ending.

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