How dental implants can improve your smile

By on 2-19-2018 in Dental Implants

Your self-confidence impacts the way you interact with others in public, at work, and in social settings. Having confidence in your smile is important. Damaged or missing teeth can drastically reduce your self-confidence. You may feel like there are no reliable options for fixing your smile. Thankfully, dental issues are much easier to deal with today than they were in the past. For people with damaged or missing teeth, dental implants may be the right option. The success rate for dental implants is high (around 98%), and the number of people getting implants annually is about half a million. Implants can give you a brand new smile that you can be confident in. I recently started researching dental implants to learn more about how they work, how effective the procedure is, and how many people actually have had this procedure performed. I wanted to learn more about this procedure and how the final results look when the procedure is completed. Ultimately, I researched the two types of implants and when they are used, which I’ve described below. 

There are two primary kinds of implants that are used today. Depending on the scope of work that is needed and the patient involved, different dentists will use one of the following kinds of implants to achieve their goal. One common type of implant is the endosteal implant. Endosteal implants are planted directly into the jawbone via a surgical procedure. The procedure is performed in a two-fold process. Once the first step is done, some time is taken off to allow the gum to heal and let the post connect with the implant, and the second step is when the tooth or teeth are added. The second method is a little different but aims to achieve the same ends. Sub-periosteal Implants involve fitting a metal frame on to the jawbone with a particular process. After the frame is affixed, time is allowed for the gums to heal and secure the frame to the jaw. The posts which the artificial teeth will be attached to stick through the gums from the metal frame underneath. The result is very similar, allowing the patient to live a healthy life with new teeth.

These procedures might sound complicated, but they’re not. There are only a few very key things that a patient should take care to do to maximize their chances for success. So long as you avoid smoking in general, do not have diabetes or leukemia, or have not taken any bone-loss drugs, your chances of making to the procedures are high, and your gums’ ability to heal should be great. No time has been better than now to get dental procedures done. There’s no need to be self-conscious about your appearance or suffer discomfort with lost or damaged teeth. By consulting an experienced dentist, you may be able to have dental implant procedures done to improve your smile and regain your confidence.

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