Workers Compensation: More than Just Something Physical

By on 5-17-2015 in Personal Injury, The Workplace

The idea of workers’ compensation is brought forth with a situation that neither the employer nor the employee particularly enjoys. After all, workers’ compensation claims are filed due to the worker in question sustaining a debilitating injury as a result of an accident at the workplace. The incident of some employees unjustly filing for workers’ compensation has happened but the opposite effect, of the employers then unjustly withholding rightful compensation from the employee, has also been an unfortunate incident that only many people are familiar with.

Employees are eligible to claim compensation if they suffer an accident at the workplace due to the negligence of the employers. Employers are then encouraged to fastidiously screen their employees before they begin working for the business, according to the available information on the website of preemployment testing experts at WorkSTEPS, in order to prevent accidents.

For example, if the job requires for the employee to be in consistently hot or cold conditions or requires a lot of heavy lifting, the prospective employee must be in sufficient physical condition in order to properly cope with the stress that the job demands. There must be transparency on both ends for there to be fairness on either side.

However, there are some employers that will plead against playing due recompense, claiming this reason and that as to not granting the rightful claims that the employee does have. Perhaps it was a construction accident on grounds that were not safe, to which the employer had not informed the worker thereby resulting in a disability or even wrongful death, in some cases. The physical damage is there, yes, but the incident could incite trauma that is felt psychologically by both the victim and the victim’s family, not to mention the financial expense that then burdens the victim.

If you or someone you know’s right to workers’ compensation is being withheld without justifiable reason, it is advisable that experienced legal assistance is sought immediately.