The Truth About Carcinogens

By on 5-19-2019 in Cancer

Our knowledge of what does and does not cause illness is growing every day. Especially when it comes to cancer, there are a few obvious culprits. Most people know not to smoke cigarettes unless they are actively trying to contract lung cancer — or to slather on sunscreen lest they desire melanoma. A lot of people are even gradually coming around to the fact that red meat is almost definitely a lot worse for you than originally thought.

With people becoming more and more aware of these carcinogens and vessels for disease, it’s hard to imagine our trust being broken by a major corporation. The general population has a certain amount of faith in big business, and it is in the best interests of those businesses to be as transparent as possible. Yet, Monsanto has known about the cancerous side effects of their herbicide Roundup for years and done nothing to warn or help the general public.

Roundup, an aerosol herbicide, is the most widely used herbicide in the United States. This means that plant nursery workers, farmers, and small-time gardeners have likely inhaled Roundup at some point in their farming career. Aside from the fact that it probably tastes disgusting, most of them just coughed for a minute or two and went on their way. They had no reason to think anything of it. After all, Monsanto is a major corporation, and they wouldn’t lie to the general public, would they?

As it turns out, they did. Roundup contains glyphosate, a chemical that has been associated with a number of cancers, such as non-Hodgkin lymphoma, leukemia, and myeloma. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a number of other health issues have arisen, likely the result of exposure to glyphosate. Obesity, depression, and ADHD have all been linked to exposure to Roundup, and so have a large number of various illnesses. And despite Roundup being an aerosol, it has contaminated various water supplies and crops. This means that people who have never even heard of Roundup are having their lives ruined because of it.

Because of exposure to Roundup, cancer patients everywhere are questioning their whole lives. Some might even feel guilty if they had been the ones to purchase and use Roundup in their personal gardens. But it’s not their fault. The people who work for Monsanto have been working diligently for years to cover their tracks, and it has resulted in many tragic, untimely deaths, as well as many others becoming incredibly ill. Thankfully, there is a slight silver lining.

Class-action lawsuits have been taken against Monsanto as an attempt for them to right their wrongs. As a result, many survivors have received settlements in Roundup cancer lawsuits to help cover their medical bills and other expenses. Monsanto is slowly being held accountable for their actions, but the people affected will only ever receive true justice if everyone takes a stand. Don’t sit back and watch while countless people continue to be affected by exposure to glyphosate.